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excellent value for money, versatile, environmentally friendly

Benefit from our product expertise:
We offer you everything for pollutant remediation, demolition and disposal.
You can get our artic brand at an excellent price-performance ratio, as well as leading branded articles.

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Protective clothing
Disposable protective coveralls artic.dress, artic.glove work gloves, Underwear, work socks, overshoes
Respiratory protection
Dust masks artic.mask, Half masks and full masks, Internally ventilated respiratory protection systems, Respiratory protection filter
Big Bags
Big Bags artic.bag, disposal bags, mineral wool bags, asbestos bags, UN bags, stone bags, container bags, dimensionally stable bags, packaging bags
artic.bag PE bags for garbage and disposal, artic.bag fabric bags for asbestos, mineral wool and disposal
Foils Duct Tape Covering Material
Construction Foils artic.plastic, Fabric Tarpaulin artic.plastic, Vapor Barrier Foils artic.stop, Painter cover fleece, Flame retardant film, Cover cardboard, Glas protection films Fabric tape, Soft PVC adhesive tape
cleaning supplies
Bacterial Oil Cleaners artic bio.reiniger, Oil Cleaners artic.bio.reiniger, Cleaners for fire and water damage restoration
Disposal- and Refurbishment Products
Primer artic FB30, Zipper Doors, lock systems tents, Glove-Bags, Warning signs, Warning stickers
Disposal- and Refurbishment Equipment