• 1948
    G. Erich Stephan founds in Dresden the “Dresdner Eck”, a small company for plastics

    Dresdner Eck 1948

  • 1952
    After fleeing the GDR, G. Erich Stephan founded the company “Artic Plastic” (G. Erich Stephan KG) in 1952 in what was then West Berlin, Schöneberg. The production program included plastic products as varied as curtains, tablecloths and bicycle raincoats.

    Artic Plastic 1952

  • 1953
    PE food packaging: milk tubes and salad bags


  • 1954
    Relocation to Lepsiusstrasse in Berlin Steglitz with enlarged production rooms – first own production for PE bags or for watering cans made of PE.

    Lepsiusstrasse 1954

  • 1957
    Relocation to Berlin-Steglitz with larger production possibilities and foundation of the company “Artico” for injection molded products. At that time, a wage of 98 pfennigs was paid for 54 hours of work per week including Saturday work.

    Artico 1957

  • 1960
    Relocation to Bundesallee in Berlin-Wilmersdorf with significantly larger production rooms. Acquisition of our own extruder for the production of PE films, make Battenfeld. Entry into own PE film production. Entry of the 2nd generation: Hans-Jürgen Stephan joins the company as a junior boss.

    Eintritt H.-J. Stephan

  • 1961
    Building the Wall and Cuba Crisis:
    Because of the political uncertainties in what was then West Berlin, a second company “Artico Alsfeld Plastic GmbH & Co. KG” is founded in order to have a secure location in western Germany.

    Gründung Artico Alsfeld Plastic GmbH & Co. KG

  • 1967
    Company founder and entrepreneur G. Erich Stephan dies unexpectedly. The succession is not prepared. In the course of this change of ownership, the company in Alsfeld was closed. Hans-Jürgen Stephan takes over the inheritance and continues to manage the business.

    Firmengründer stirbt 1967

  • 1971
    A milestone:
    Company move to significantly larger industrial premises in Berlin-Marienfelde. Extensive investments are made. New extruders up to a hose width of 4 m are purchased, as well as a 4-color printing machine for printing PE films, further converting machines for carrier bags with handle holes and DKT handles and machines for the production of bags and garbage bags.

    Umzug nach Marienfelde 1971

  • 1983
    Temporary end of the name “Artic Plastic”. The company for the production of PE foils is restructured due to growth plans and is named “HGP foils” after the new partner Hans-Gerhard Pohlhaus. Purchase and move to own premises in Berlin-Marienfelde. There were over 20 extruders, including a Bandera system for hoses up to 6 m in diameter and very extensive processing. At the same time, “AMS Breitfolien Marc-André Stephan KG” was founded by Hans-Jürgen Stephan and his son Marc-André Stephan. It is a trading company for PE flat films and air cushion films.

    Gründung AMS Breitfolien Marc-André Stephan KG

  • 1989
    Again the soul of the company dies unexpectedly and very early. At the age of 54, Hans-Jürgen Stephan succumbs to cancer. Hans-Gerhard Pohlhaus takes over the management of “HGP Folien”.

    H.-J. Stephan stirbt 1989

  • 1991
    Thomas Stephan joins the “AMS Breitfolien Marc-André Stephan KG”.

    Thomas Stephan tritt in die Firma ein

  • 1993
    Hans-Gerhard Pohlhaus couldn’t find a successor for the “HGP Folien” build up and liquidate the production facility.

  • 1995
    Restructuring of the “AMS Breitfolien Marc-Andrè Stephan GmbH”: the foils division is sold and operates as “BBG Foliengesellschaft mbH Berlin”. Thomas Stephan remains managing director. The business with articles of occupational safety and environmental technology for asbestos and contaminated sites remediation is transferred to the new “AMS Umwelt GmbH”. Thomas Stephan is the managing partner.

    Gründung AMS Umweltschutz GmbH

  • 2002
    Foundation of a joint venture with Rozone Ltd. in England to market innovative cleaning agents. “AMS Rozone GmbH” is created. The managing director is Thomas Stephan.

    Gründung eines Joint - Ventures mit der Rozone Ltd. in England

  • 2010
    Takeover of “BBG Foliengesellschaft mbH Berlin” by “AMS Umweltschutz GmbH”.

    Übernahme der „BBG Foliengesellschaft mbH Berlin“ durch die „AMS Umweltschutz GmbH“

  • 2011
    Group of companies since 2011

    BBG Foliengesellschaft mbH Berlin
    AMS Umweltschutz GmbH
    AMS Rozone GmbH

    Opening of the BBG sales office in Bremen

    Firmengruppe seit 2011