Zipper Doors And Lock Tents

Our helpers for your insulation: Here you will find zipper doors (dust protection doors) and entire lock chambers made of PE fabric foil

Zipper doors
MaterialDimension (m) Zipper type
Ribbon fabric0,75 x 2,00C
Ribbon fabric0,90 x 2,10C
Ribbon fabric1,00 x 2,00C
Ribbon fabric1,15 x 2,18C
Ribbon fabric1,20 x 2,00C
Ribbon fabric1,50 x 2,00C
Ribbon fabric2,00 x 2,00C

PVC0,75 x 1,80C
PVC0,75 x 2,00C
PVC1,00 x 2,00C
PVC1,00 x 2,00H
PVC1,20 x 2,00C
PVC1,50 x 1,80C
PVC1,50 x 2,00C
PVC1,80 x 2,00C
PVC2,00 x 2,00C

Lock tent
Lock tentDimension (m) Zipper type
1 Chamber1,20 x 1,20 x 2,001 Zipper door
2 Chambers1,20 x 2,40 x 2,003 Zipper doors