Big Bags

Big bags, flexible bulk containers, FIBCs: You name it. We have it:
Big Bags

ALLROUNDER BAGS artic.bag – something for everyone. Here you will find our bestsellers for almost every application.

The TRIPLE bag – 3 times larger! 3 times stronger! 3 times more effective!


DISPOSAL BAGS artic.bag – Pollutants? Click here for asbestos big bags, mineral wool (KMF) and asbestos panels.


UN BAGS / hazardous materials bags artic.bag – here you will find UN approved bags from 13H2Y to 13H4Y.


GRAVEL BAGS artic.bag – top open and large load capacity: these are our big bags for stones, gravel and other building materials.


CONTAINER BAGS artic.bag – here you can get inliners for rubble containers and skips – precisely fitted for your needs and“Asbestos” or “Mineral wool (KMF)” print on request.

formstabile Bags

Q-BAGS, SHAPE-STABLE BAGS artic.bag – as the name suggests: Q-Bags do not bulge

CONDUCTIVE BIG BAGS artic.bag – For use on all industrial floors and for bulk goods which are statically charched.