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Here you will find safe and handy person locks and material locks from ENVI and Kähler, including hot water management and automatic locking. Of course, you can also get all accessories from us, such as water filters.

Personenschleuse,  Materialschleuse
ENVI Security gate
Available in 3, 4 & 5 chambers

Technical Specifications
Water management
Forced locking
Instantaneous water heater
Water temperature
CEE Wall plug 32 A, 5-polig 400 V
Clage DBX 21
30°C -55°C
0,89 x 0,89 m per cabin
Personenschleuse,  Materialschleuse
ENVI Folding lock
The perfect combination of a modular system and a foldable unit

0,90 x 0,90 x 2,00 m per chamber
With automatic locking and water management
Available as a 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-chamber variant
Easy and quick to set up
Light weight
Translucent ceilings
Ventilation flaps
Kähler Personenschleuse
KÄHLER – Security gate TYPE KES-PS 4 -S
Perfect security lock for disposal

Perfect security lock for disposaln
4 chambers
per chamber 1 m x 1 m x 2 m
overall length 4 m
Forced locking of the shower chamber (3min)
Water management with 18 KW instantaneous water heater
Floor trays, ceilings, side and door elements made of aluminium
Plastic windows in the ceiling, side and door elements
Kähler Materialschleuse
Kähler – Material lock doors 2-leaf Type KES-M2-S3
Perfect material lock doors for disposal

Technical specifications
Door frame aluminium square tube with rubber seal
Doors with plastic viewing windows
Doors with two leaves
mechanical interlock
Frame dimensions approx. 1300 mm x 2000 mm
Clearance dimensions approx. 1130 mm x 1830 mm
plastic windows in the ceiling, side and door elements
scope of delivery
3 doors with frame
3 control cables
1 control unit 230 volts
3 keys for door no. 1